Same-Day Crowns

Dental crowns are a common type of restoration provided by our practice. Used for a variety of reasons, crowns restore broken, chipped or decayed teeth to their rightful shape and size. For added convenience, Dr. Whitman offers same-day crowns in most cases.

When Dental Crowns are Needed

Severe decay, damage from an injury and tooth wear can negatively affect the shape and size of a tooth. When a tooth shape changes due to these factors, it can impede the upper and lower sets of teeth from lining up properly when the mouth is closed. Worn down and damaged teeth can affect a patient’s ability to chew food properly and efficiently. When a tooth’s structure is substantially changed by decay and damage, the sensitive interior structures of a tooth are at risk for infection as well. A crown is essentially a tooth-shaped, cap-like restoration that is permanently placed over the entire tooth’s surface above the gum line. When patients receive a crown, their tooth is restored and protected from further damage that could lead to the need for extraction. Traditional crowns were typically made from metal alloys such as gold or silver. Today, however, patients have more options including porcelain fused over metal and same-day all ceramic crowns.

Same-Day Crowns Offer Fast, Convenient Restorations

Using revolutionary technology, in most cases, Dr. Whitman can place a crown in just one office appointment. Some offices expect patients to wait weeks to receive a crown because this restoration is usually crafted in a dental laboratory. Using the CEREC system, however, Dr. Whitman can fit you for a crown and mill it right in our office in just one, convenient appointment. Using high-quality porcelain, Dr. Whitman will use computer technology to determine the exact measurements of your crown and will choose a shade of porcelain that will discreetly restore your tooth and blend in seamlessly with neighboring teeth. The crown will be produced with a high-tech milling machine and ultimately bonded over your tooth.

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