Restorative Care

Ceramic Inlays/Onlays

There are amazing breakthroughs in restorative care. Not too long ago, we would have been placing many more crowns. When a tooth deteriorated from disease or cracked because of an old metal filling, it often required removal of significant natural tooth structure to securely place a crown. Now, there is an ‘in-between’ solution. With ceramic onlays or inlays, we remove much less tooth to create an appropriate surface to secure the natural looking, tooth-like material. It’s molecularly bonded for a strong, durable, nature-mimicking result that can withstand the tremendous biting and chewing forces the mouth produces.

Porcelain Crowns

Restoring worn, broken down teeth is more effective with modern esthetic crowns because they are molecularly bonded to your teeth, not cemented like metal-based crowns. Because they are ALL-porcelain, you won’t ever see a darkened line near the gum line like you would with a metal-based crown.

Porcelain Bridges

This natural-looking, missing teeth option can give patients the ability to remove their partial denture permanently.

Tooth-Colored ‘Fillings’

This is the modern, non-metal, healthier alternative to silver mercury fillings and minimal removable of tooth structure is required. Metal fillings usually need more space so they can be ‘plugged in’. Composite resin restorations (or tooth-colored ‘fillings’) are molecularly bonded – creating a fusion of nature and advanced material.