No Cavities Club

No Cavities Club Certificate

At Durango Family Dentistry, we encourage good oral health right from the start.

We also give it a fun spin.

We see patients as young as 1 year old and we get them comfortable going to the dentist so that each and every experience is a good one. Each patient, age 0-17, has the opportunity to join our “No Cavities Club.”  For every hygiene/cleaning visit where we find no cavities, the patient is rewarded with a certificate (like the one here) that gets them into the club.

And … their name is added to our monthly drawing for the opportunity to win a $25 gift card to a local business.

The winners get to buy exactly what they want – not something we’ve picked out. Some dental offices reward quarterly or semi-annually; we believe our monthly drawing is better because it gives more patients the opportunity to win and the reward is more immediate. At Durango Family Dentistry, good oral health really pay$ off for the kids!