Esthetic Smile Makeover

Who can benefit from a smile makeover?

Patients with crowded, crooked or short teeth or those with spaces between many teeth, patients with congenitally underdeveloped or disfigured teeth or an entire smile darkened and stained by tetracycline medicine can all benefit by this new technology.

Because this is a makeover, not just a few front teeth, we are very conscious about how each tooth restoration will affect the other. Replacing the front 6-8 teeth might make the most sense when considering what most people will see when you smile, but only enhancing a few front teeth can mean those new teeth might be prone to break or chip. An esthetic makeover without proper planning and follow through is not in our patients’ best long-term interest.

Since we strive for the highest quality and long-term patient satisfaction, it is difficult to proceed unless the patient approves a comprehensive makeover when warranted. Not every patient needs a comprehensive makeover, but we want to make sure our patients get the care they deserve.

For information on the techniques we use to create a smile makeover, go to restorative and esthetic sections of this website.