Complete Rehabilitation

There are many reasons why one might need a full dental reconstruction … it can be because periodontal disease has destroyed supporting bone causing the loss of teeth or because of recurrent decay on multiple crowns and bridges … maybe there are bite problems, which have caused excessive wear on the natural teeth and aggravated the TM jaw joint … perhaps there has been traumatic injury to the mouth and teeth.

These conditions could warrant a rehabilitation of the entire mouth. Properly diagnosed, planned and executed, this type of dentistry has allowed patients to return to a comfortable, functional, stable state of oral health; a beautiful smile is an added benefit of this kind of dentistry. In addition, “Teeth in a Day” technology allows rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry to reverse decades of damage in about a day.

We believe patients are best served by taking advantage of our comprehensive expertise right from the beginning. If you are ready for a comprehensive approach, please call us.

For information on the techniques used to bring back health and harmony, visit our restorative care and dental implant pages.